Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Latest Boycott from the Top Clown Trump

   Before I go on with the many gaffes or planned things that keep Trump in the news the latest has been his reasons for skipping the debate tomorrow night Jan 28th 2016. Trump seems to think that nothing will hurt his campaign because he  been saying that his supporters are so loyal that even if he shot someone, they would still support him. We'll see about that after tomorrow's debate if he sticks to his plan of not showing up to the debate.  
   Here's Trump's reason for not going to the debate. He doesn't feel that his nemesis Megyn Kelly can be a fair moderator. Give me a break. He has been complaining and whining about the questions asked by the news media as unfair to him since day one. The problem is that when he doesn't have an answer for any questions that are asked he immediately has to get defensive and start blaming the media. With Megyn Kelly it was that first question at the first debate that got into his crawl and seems to linger and eat at him from within. It was a question which he never really had an answer for which must mean that it was something that he can never live down so it must be true. 
   On the Aug 6th debate Kelly  asks Trump if he possesses the temperament to be President given the fact that "you've called women you don't like fat pigs. dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals." Trump has been threatening to skip debates and once suggested that the only reason for the ratings of the debates was because of him. It might be true but many people only tune in because it is entertaining and doesn't feel like a presidential race that is boring and usually the answers are canned, " a chicken in every pot".  Each time  that Trump has threatened a boycott he has always backed off his threats and always shows up. This time may be different because what he wants Kelly to be taken off the stage as one of the moderators and that will likely not happen. 
Trump is all about boycotts  and lawsuits to solve any disputes that he has encountered. What is he going to do if he comes up with a tough problem as President. Kelly is right, he does not have the temperament to be President. A smart woman puts him in his place and he can't handle that and so what does he do, he boycotts. Of course it has kept him in the media for the last few days as every news channel on the planet wants to interview him and can't stop talking about what will happen if he doesn't show up. The ratings will take a hit but who cares, no one really cares except Fox News since that is where the debate will be shown. If millions of people don't tune in to the debate, Trump will be beating his drum and telling everyone that it was all because he didn't show up. 
   Trump looks like he will not back off on his threat of not showing up this time around even though I kept thinking that he would eventually opt out sooner rather than later. He is not a debater and when he boosts that he has won all the debates, it is all hot air. He is really not a debater and doesn't ever chime in with any debate points worth mentioning and his one liners although sometimes funny is not enough to come out on top. Although Fox News and Roger Ailes feel that they cannot back down on Megyn Kelly's participation in the debate they are hoping and praying that Trump changes his mind about attending. It sure looks like Trump won this one with the network and if he doesn't show up, will he win this one with the Iowa voters. Maybe this one mis-calculation in Trump's campaign will finally bring this arrogant, boisterous, narcissistic bombastic candidate down to earth even if it's at the expense of that teabagging nut Ted Cruz. 

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