Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Donald Trump Entry1

   The one positive thing I will have  to say about Donald Trump is that he is a master manipulator of the news media. As for being President of the US, he is lacking. Let's look at the number of times he has managed to hoodwink the press. First off, let's get into how he does it. First off he makes an outrageous vague statement usually about a person or persons and then the media will run with it trying to figure out why he has stated something that is so outrageous and political suicide for most candidates that it would doom most of them. But here's the kicker, Trump is not a  politician or at least that is what he states everywhere he talks. His claim that no matter what he says, it may not be politically correct but he claims he is being honest. This becomes very apparent because he will not read off a teleprompter and reads his speeches off the cuff. He does have notes or an outline of some type on his podium when he gives a speech but that's a very good way to say things that are gaffes. Trump is being called the teflon candidate by the media because he can say almost anything and his poll numbers stay relatively the same or sometimes go up. Of course there is a core group of American voters who are sick and tired of political correctness (PC). This attitude has been building for decades because candidates are considered political professionals that hire people to run their campaigns in the hopes of not saying something that could alienate groups of voters. This brings up the big bad word which is manipulation or lying to get the vote. Trump is the antithesis of this thinking which makes him appear to be honest and real. His non-PC behavior gives him the license to lie and then retract statements or gaffes that he makes while giving speeches or tweeting or what he calls clarifying a point he makes. He never states that he is making a retraction or never gives an apology to anyone on anything he says. The one thing I always think about is are these real mistakes or are they orchestrated to get the media's attention.
   Another thing he does and is very good at is embellishing his credentials. Early on one of the biggest lies that he perpetrated was his net worth. Both Forbes and Bloomberg had Trump's net worth from between $2.4 billion and $6.0 billion.dollars while Trump came out with his own numbers and with real estate holdings depending on the market can cause fluctuations in the price and according to him he valued his net wealth at between $9.0 and $10.0 billion and he has talked about it so much that people think that his net worth is ten billion. Forget about the Forbes or Bloomberg numbers or even the 9.0 billion. In people's minds. Trump came up with rounded off  net worth of a cool ten billion dollars, which no one questions anymore.  
  Then there's the number of people that attend his rallies. These numbers are always overstated to make them look better than what they actually are. As a matter of fact when he was announcing his official intention to enter the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, he didn't have enough people to attend his entering the race and he hired actors from an actors guild and paid $50.00 per attendee. entry.

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